7 Reasons why you should get facials on a regular basis

7 Reasons why you should get facials on a regular basis

Any skin care expert would agree that facial treatments are more than just an hour of pampering. Although facials aren’t too pricey, they are often overlooked especially by those who spend regularly on their hair, nails, or fitness.

But you see, our skin cells turn over approximately every 28 days. Simply put, the old skin builds up on top of the new skin so we need to exfoliate to reveal the smoother skin underneath. How often you do it depends on your skin type and current skin condition.

So what happens if you leave those dead skin cells? They will move around, flake off, and penetrate your pores, making them congested. In other words, dead skin causes all sorts of skin problems like pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. Here’s why regular facials should be part of your skin care regimen:

Understand your skin better

That skin cream you’ve been using is probably not the best for your skin type and could be the reason your skin is peeling. Perhaps your moisturizer is actually dehydrating your skin and you haven’t got a clue. You won’t know until you consult a certified practitioner. Regular visits to a medspa will allow you to understand your skin better and the changes it goes through. You’ll get tips on proper regimen and the best skin care products for your individual needs.

Alleviate stress

Calming treatments like facials allow you to focus on yourself. Spending an hour in such a tranquil environment could be the one thing you need to regain your balance and restart your mind. Maybe you’ve been preoccupied with family or work issues, so give yourself this moment to step back and get a simple treatment you deserve. The entire process is relaxing, and many people find the facial massage as their favorite part.

Slow down aging

People age every day, and guess what, your face is probably the first to prove it. Wear and tear may come in the form of wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots, and other skin issues, and all can be avoided with regular facial treatments. Facials promote cell turnover, collagen production, skin elasticity, and healthy skin balance — just what your skin needs to stay youthful and rejuvenated.

Experience deep cleansing

Some people get too tired or sleepy to remove their makeup and just go straight to bed. Facials compensate for these lazy ways by thoroughly removing dirt and oil buildup without drying out the skin. They do it on a much deeper level than soap and water do, but that's not an excuse to neglect your daily skin care routine. You still need that soap and water cleanse every day.

Treat, minimize, or prevent skin issues

The right facial treatments at the right times treat skin issues like pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, sunspots, inflammation and redness, dehydration, acne scarring, and rosacea. Regular treatments will alert you of any suspicious spots that could be a sign of a more serious skin problem.

Use less makeup

Getting a facial frequently will refine your pores and give your skin a smoother texture and tone. That means makeup will blend easier so you’ll need less of it. This improved product absorption will save you time when applying extra layers of foundation and concealer and will reduce the chance of caking. Note that even top-brand creams and serums may not be as effective if you have excessively dry skin or uneven tone.

Exude confidence

When you get a facial regularly, you are telling people that you value self-worth. You build confidence more than anything else, and people will see it. Now go ahead and distract people with that newfound glow!

Consult our experienced esthetician on how often you need a facial and all things related to your skin. We at Trouvé Medspa would love to hear from you!