Botox lifts mood, not just drooping skin

Botox lifts mood, not just drooping skin

As your youth begins to fade, wrinkles, fine lines, and sagging skin start to become prominent, and it’s natural to feel a little down because of this. This low mood shows on your face, making you look even more tired, stressed, and downright unhappy.

Many people turn to Botox to lift their facial muscles so they can flaunt their youthful glow once again. However, the effects of Botox aren’t purely aesthetic. Apart from lifting drooping skin, it also helps uplift your spirits.

How exactly does Botox turn your frown upside down? Here are four ways it alters not only how you look but also how you feel.

Boosting your confidence

Leave it to Botox when trying to give your confidence level a boost. Look at your reflection in the mirror after a treatment and admire the improvements. They may not be as drastic as what you’d have wanted, but they should be enough to make you feel a lot more confident.

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Feeling ashamed of or uncomfortable with a facial flaw isn’t good, whether it’s a natural sign of aging or stress taking its toll on your face. Botox controls your skin's oil production so you don't break out. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about scarring as an effect of severe acne. Now that can really dampen your self-esteem.

Easing various health concerns

Function better and feel more accomplished when health isn’t the focus of your concerns. Botox has been proven to help treat migraine, excessive sweating, neck spasms, and an overactive bladder, and it can decrease spasticity in patients with multiple sclerosis or cerebral palsy — quite amazing for something many view as a purely cosmetic treatment.

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Don’t worry about sitting out for a while after a treatment because Botox requires little to no recovery period, hence it’s called a “lunchtime” procedure. You can visit the nearest medspa in Beachwood during your break, have your treatment done, and head right back to work.

Making you appear visibly upbeat

Ever heard of the facial feedback hypothesis? It suggests that facial movements can influence the way you feel. For instance, if you come all smiles (whether real or unnatural) to a party, there’s a good chance you’ll really have a great time. Botox makes this possible by removing worry and frown lines, so you radiate a positive aura and look as happy as you feel.

When negative emotions such as anger, grief, or anxiety don’t manifest on your face, your brain gets a signal that everything is fine. How can you look and feel worried when the facial muscles required to frown are inhibited? One army veteran discovered Botox’s mood-altering benefits, claiming it improved her mood on a daily basis.

Relaxing your muscles

Much like a facial massage, Botox releases tension in your facial muscles by relaxing them. A good esthetician may touch on areas that stimulate happy chemicals, with the goal of helping you get rid of pent-up tension that contributes to negative emotions.

Related article: Botox lifts mood, not just drooping skin

Trouvé Medspa has a team of experienced estheticians who care about enhancing your mood as well as your physical appearance. Let their expert hands help drain away any tension and fluid in your face while lifting your muscles to reveal more youthful skin.

Let Botox enhance your mood and appearance to help you build a positive mindset. If you have any questions about Botox or any of our treatments, reach out to us. Our friendly estheticians are always ready to address your concerns.