Transform and rejuvenate your skin on the face and body

The IPL Photofacial

The use of intense pulsed light to specifically target hyperpigmentation, age and sun related spots. IPL stimulates collagen production and reduces pore size to improve skins texture and tone while reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

IPL Hair Removal

Safe, effective, non-invasive hair removal solution with no downtime. Concentrated flashes of light are used to target the hair follicle and impair its ability to produce new hair. PCR™ (PulseConfiguRythm™) elevates Light technology for treating hair removal by generating various pulse structures and provides adjustable pulse duration – from single to multiple to rapid pulse – ensuring that every skin type and condition can be treated. By allowing the flexibility and customization of the pulse configuration, we can tailor specific treatments per our patients’ symptoms, personalizing each session, per each individual’s need.

6-8 Treatments are necessary every 4-6 weeks depending on body region.
Suitable for underarm, bikini, facial hair, leg hair, back hair, etc.
Successful for most skin types; consultation is required.

Laser for skin rejuvenation

Trouvé’s Laser Skin Rejuvenation can considerably decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without the downtime that facelifts and other surgical procedures require.

The V-Nd:YAG handpiece for vascular lesions, skin rejuvenation and focused hair removal includes four spot sizes for full customization, according to customers’ needs.

Our team of trained medical practitioners genuinely care about patients, and we want you to be just as happy with your treatment as you are with the results.